Natural Skin Care

With Ozone


Pure Ozone Skincare

Pure Ozone Products are organically produced and manufactured in South Africa

One of the most effective sterilizing agents known to us is a natural occurring state of a tri-atomic structure of Oxygen (called Ozone, O3) found in the upper atmosphere.

By reproducing medical grade Ozone on earth and injecting this in selective oils we can regain these amazing properties of Ozone for the benefit of your skin.   

Our products are 100% Natural, contains no preservatives, colorants, added fragrance or any chemicals and is use by thousands of our customers.

When properly manufactured, Ozonated Oil will have:

1.      Anti-bacterial,  Anti-fungal,  Anti-microbial

 properties, therefore are effective for the treatment of Pimples (bacterial), Cold sores (microbial), Athletes Foot (fungal),

 Eczema (fungal), Psoriasis (fungal) and Wound healing

2.        Rich in  Oxygen

therefore improves skin micro circulation, stimulates skin cells, leading to regrowth,

increases metabolic rate and  prevents cutaneous aging

3.         100% Natural


   Facial Applications

  • Restore youthful suppleness to skin
  • Reduce damage to the skin caused by sun exposure
  • Oxygenate and stimulate skin cells, leading to regrowth
  • Natural moisturizer, maintaining a healthy firm skin
  • Treatment for pimples

General Skin Care 

  •  Natural Antibiotic for wound treatment and reduce scarring
  •  Cold sores (microbial), Athletes Foot, Eczema & Psoriasis (fungal)
  • To oxygenate skin tissue, improving localized circulation
  • To stimulate growth of new and healthy skin cells
  • To cleanse and combat infections on the skin
  • To reduce swelling and inflammation
  • To reduce pain and over sensitized nerves
  • To improve cellular function
  • To prevent and reverse degenerative skin conditions
  • To moisturize dry skin

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